Hand Bath Wash and Wax (45 minutes - 1 hour)

Hand Bath Wash and Wax:

(Prices are subject to change depending on condition)
Estimated time: 45 minutes-1.5 hours (time can change depending on condition)

2/4 Door Sedan $55
Suv's $65
Truck's $75
Van's $85

Exterior: Hand wash with our deep cleansing bubble soap using our 2 bucket method which eliminates scratches during washes. With our fine rim bristle brushes our technicians will scrub down surface of rims/tires while adding our special high gloss tire shine. To complete exterior process, our technicians will lather on carnuba wax with our wax applicator and hand wipe with a fine microfiber cloth to give that finalize shine.

Interior: Due to the sun and moisture in Hawaii we will use our top of-the-line product called leather and plastic along with a fine microfiber cloth to cleanse surfaces of door panels, door jambs, middle console, steering wheel area. Our technicians will vacuum through seats, carpets and removable carpeted mats, surface only.  Windows will be wiped away from all smudges and to finalize service, technicians will deodorize interior.

This package is a tidy up bath wash and wax with light interior cleanse
Trunk is not included with this package
We do not wax over non clear coated areas
We do charge extra for excessive pet hair and/or sand
We do not steam clean
Wax can last up to a month, you are also welcome to upgrade to our paint sealant that can last up to 6 months-1year. All depending on how you maintain your vehicle's paint.