Premium Auto Spa Treatment (4-5 hours)

Premium Auto Spa Treatment:

(Prices are subject to change depending on condition)
Estimated time: 4-5 hours (time can change depending on condition)

2/4 Door Sedan $209
Suv's $219
Van's $239

Exterior:  Hand wash with our deep cleansing bubble soap using our 2 bucket method which eliminates  scratches during washes.  With our fine rim bristle brushes our technicians will scrub down surface of rims/tires while adding our special high gloss tire shine. Technician will massage your vehicle's paint with our finish buff process using a gentle buffing pad. To finalize exterior process, technician will lather on paint sealant using a paint sealant applicator, then wiping away with a fine microfiber cloth to give that extra shine and smoothness.

Interior: Please see Interior treatment

We do not steam clean
We will not scrub down headliner due to the fact that scrubbing will loosen the glue and cause headliner to sag
We do not wax over non clear coated areas
There are some things that are not removable without causing damage, so therefore we do avoid anything that we view as a liability. Technician will notify during check in.
We ask that customer remove car seats for we are not certified to re-place car seats also please remove any personal belongings.
Finish buff can not remove deep scratches or hard water spots
Paint sealant can last up to 6 months-1year depending on how you maintain your vehicle's paint