Full Detail Package (3-4 hours)

Full Detail Package:
(price goes up depending on condition)
$150 cars/small trucks
$160 suvs
$170 large suvs/trucks/motorcycles
$180 x-large suvs/trucks
$190 vans
$200 lifted vehicle's

Full detail package includes:
-exterior hand wash
-exterior hand wax
-fender wells and lips
-rims and dress tires
-emblems and front grill
-gas tank area
-door jambs
-dressing of moldings
Wipe down and deep cleaning of:
-door panels
-middle console
-steering wheel
-headliner (we will only wipe lightly for it can make it fall down eventually)
Carpets and Seats (we do not steam clean)
-shampoo and vacuum of carpets, mats and seats
-shampoo and vacuum of trunk
-clean and condition leather
-windows in and out